Bread and Butter Letters

I first came across the term 'Bread and Butter Letter' when it was mentioned to me by one of what I call my 'Smart Friends', which tends to be someone that shoots a lot in August and usually has their own horse trials. She explained that her mother use to love receiving them after hosting one of her renowned supper parties, which were usually attended by the local country gentry and other colourful characters from old established families. In short they are the letters or cards that are sent to the host to thank them for a delicious meal and wonderful hospitality.

Here are the Hall we love these old-school concepts and of course we love the idea of sending a letter or hand written note, it's our business. I personally am a stickler for sending a quick thank you after enjoying brunch, lunch, tea or supper at friend's houses. I am informed they are always received with great excitement and quickly added to the mantle piece along with the plethora of invitations to impending weddings that summer. For most of my friends it seems it is a pleasure to receive something via their letterbox rather than their phone.

The idea of the term 'The Bread and Butter Letter' appealed to me so much that I was certain it needed to go on a card that could be sent under that very guise. With this in mind I set to work producing some little illustrations echoing the ethos of an occasion that would warrant such a card. This time it's Kitchen Sups, so we have a simple serving of Gravlax to start, followed by a crusty pie straight from the Aga, accompanied by a good reliable red wine and chocolate soufflés for pud. I envisage the evening was rounded off with the staples of all good dinner parties; decent cheese, and proper coffee to sober everyone up, as after all it's probably a Thursday.

Our Bread and Butter Letters come beautifully boxed in sets of eight cards and are accompanied by nice kraft envelopes. These cards are £8.50 a box + P&P. If you are attending an occasion imminently you can get your hands on them here.

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