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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Once tucked up in the studio at Toad Hall with a dog curled at my feet and a live David Attenborough documentary being played out solely for my entertainment out of the window I am never that inclined to leave during the colder months of the year. However, when I do hit the road with my illustrations I am always reminded how many kind and encouraging people there are out there and it reminds me why I paint in the first place.

One of those people was the lovely Ethine who I met at a fair just before Christmas. She loved my illustrations and was interested to see that I design logos. It turned out Ethine is the creative behind the exquisite floral arrangements that come out of her floristry business Ivy & Twine. Working from her studio in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where she has a beautiful cutting garden, she is able to create floral arrangements using seasonal flowers that capture the spirit of the English country garden. As a former teacher Ethine also combines her passion for flowers with meeting people, by hosting informal teaching sessions.

For the right people, usually selling handmade, home-grown, vintage or generally lovely things, my illustrations suit as branding, and this was very much the case for Ivy & Twine. Ethine had been on the hunt for a beautiful logo that reflected the essence of her business and echoed the quality of her floral creations.

For a while now I have produced affordable illustrations for logos, to decorate websites, adorn packaging, banners and other material promoting many small businesses. I love this line of work as it keeps my day varied and it's very satisfying to see my illustrations being used to help with other peoples marketing. So when Ethine asked if she could commission me to come up with an illustration for Ivy & Twine we got chatting about what she wanted straight away. In this case she wanted to reproduce the letters I &T she had been using and surround them with a circular garland of ivy leaves and twine.

I got to work on the initial sketches working from her existing style of lettering and I added some detailing like the ivy flowers that would give a subtle bit of colour interest further down the line. Ethine was very happy with the sketches and so I worked up the logo in watercolour, finishing as always with a fine pigment ink pen. On completion of the artwork I compiled the elements of the logo together and emailed it over to her as a finished file that could be easily included on her business cards, website and other promotional leaflets. Being a circular logo it's also great for her social media avatar (that's the circular icon used with a social media profile).

We both couldn't be more pleased with the results of this little project.

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